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    We work with managers to develop their individuals and to enhance the organizational performance.

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    Through one-on-one systematic process, an expert coach will guide you towards achieving your goals in life or in workplace.

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    Practical programs designed according to the international educational standards, and customized to your specific goals.

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  • International Accreditation

    International Association for Continuous Education and Training (IACET)

IACET’s mission is to advance the global workforce by providing the standard framework for quality learning and development through accreditation. Change Zone has successfully met every element of the ANSI/IACET standards for Continuing Education and Training requirements, and thus Change Zone is proud to become an IACET Authorized Provider.

Who Accepts the IACET CEU

As the official standard for continuing education and training (CE/T), IACET Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are recognized by a wide range of organizations, including professional associations, regulatory boards, corporations and universities. IACET CEUs are transferable; however, it is up to each organization to choose whether or not it will accept the CEUs. For this reason, it is strongly advised that individuals and/or organizations confirm in advance if a particular body accepts IACET CEUs.

CEUs and College Credit

For most colleges and universities, the acceptance of CEUs for college or graduate credit, depends on its internal policies and accreditation system. However, those who have the ability to assess prior CE/T learning activities as part of an overall portfolio of work experience, credentials and certifications may consider the CEU.

ISO 9001 certificate issued by SGS

ISO 9001 QMS

  • ISO

  • Change Zone is committed to provide the best quality and serves Excellency in Change zone’s training programs and make sure all learning outcomes for all programs are being met in effective and efficient way. Through adopting and applying the international Quality Management Systems criteria such as ISO9001.

    ISO 9001 QMS, helps Change Zone to continually improve customer perceived and delivered value, and actively stimulate innovation in marketing and execution of strategy. —Read More

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