Executive Coaching

    1. We understand the CEO

      We understand what the job of a CEO requires in such a complex,

      changing and unpredictable business environment. Stakeholders

      with variant, and sometimes, conflicting expectations, international

      entrant to the local market, intense competition which pushes

      margins down, the financial constraints, and daily trade-offs

      among multiple options.

    CEO in Practice Program

      • Executive Coaching an  One-on-One, On-job, Coaching, Training, and Consulting for the CEO, which covers, up-to-date, proven, and result-oriented applications of management practices around the globe, customized to your local case.

      • It aims to consolidate the post-modern management mentality

    From old paradigm To the post-modern paradigm

    Target all market segments, with poorly
    customized offers. This means you are in
    the middle, not unique or different.


    Provide unique values (products & services)
    for targeted, which, position you
    differently among other companies,
    and increase customer retention


    Measuring results (finance and sales)
    figures. Realizing the facts after they
    already happen, is managing a history
    rather than the present. (reactive management


    Measure performance (the present)
    and the results (future). Performance
    drives results; you tell how well you will
    be doing if you measure the drivers of
    future. (proactive management style)


    When you do not measure the causes,
    you cannot explain the effect (results),
    whether it is good or bad. So will make
    your own theory based on the best
    assumption, rather than numbers, and
    make critical decisions based on assumptions,
    and then wait again to see what
    will happen!


    Measuring the causes (performance)
    and the effect (results) helps you in
    make sense of the situation. You can
    explain, diagnose and improve based
    on facts. Things become better predictable.


    Blaming people at the first place,
    figure-pointing, and take disciplinary
    actions based on assumptions.


    Examine the process, check if the competency
    of people is being developed.
    Improve the process, coaching people,
    and then hold them accountable.


    Develop heroes who are the core of the
    company, they maintain the knowledge,
    experience, the how-to, and when they
    leave, the company struggles..


    The heroes are the processes which are
    continually improved based on experience.
    Knowledge generated from experience
    is maintained in internal systems,
    and knowledge sharing rituals.


    Seems it is hard to satisfy the other, so,
    let me take care of myself through monitoring,
    and disciplinary procedures. Winlose
    or a lose-win between the company
    and employees.


    Win-win culture is developed through
    management systems that aligned
    people’s interest with achieving the
    company’s objectives, for which people
    are rewarded, through transparent & systematic
    performance appraisal criteria

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