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Change Zone Code of Ethics

Change Zone’s Professionals Change Agents are to conduct their professional and personal lives and activities in an ethical manner. Change Zone’s Professionals Change Agents should recognize a standard of ethics founded on honesty, justice and courtesy as principles guiding their conduct and way of life. It is their duty to practice their profession according to this Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct.

The keystone of professional conduct is integrity. Change Zone’s Professionals Change Agents will discharge their duties with fidelity to the public, their employers, and clients with fairness and impartiality to all. It is their duty to interest themselves in public welfare, and to be ready to apply their special knowledge for the benefit of humankind and the environment.

I acknowledge that

I have an obligation to society, and will participate to the best of my ability in the dissemination of knowledge pertaining to the general development. Further, I shall not use knowledge of a confidential nature to further my personal interest, nor shall I violate the privacy and confidentiality of information entrusted to me or to which I may gain access.

I have an obligation to my employer/client whose trust I hold, therefore, I shall endeavor to discharge this obligation to the best of my ability, to guard my employer/client’s interests, and to provide advice wisely and honestly. I shall promote the understanding of change methods and procedures using every resource available to me.

I have an obligation to my fellow members and professional colleagues; therefore, I shall cooperate with my fellow members and shall treat them with honesty and respect.

I accept these obligations as a personal responsibility and as a member of Change Zone’s community. I shall actively discharge these obligations and I dedicate myself to that end.

Change Zones Change Agents standard of conduct

These standards expand on the Code of Ethics by providing specific statements of behavior in support of the Code of Ethics. They are rules that no true professional will violate. The following standards address tenets that apply to the profession.

In recognition of my professional obligations I shall:

  1. Accept full responsibility for work that I perform
  2. To the best of my ability, I will work in a socially responsible way
  3. Support, respect, and abide by the appropriate local, national, and international laws
  4. Make every effort to ensure that I have the most current knowledge and that the proper expertise is available when needed
  5. Share my knowledge with others and present factual and objective information to the best of my ability
  6. Be fair, honest, and objective in professional relationships
  7. Cooperate with others in achieving understanding and in identifying problems
  8. Protect the proper interests of my employer and my clients at all times
  9. Take appropriate action in regard to any illegal or unethical practices that come to my attention – I will bring charges against any person only when I have reasonable basis for believing in the truth of the allegations and without any regard to personal interest
  10. Not use knowledge of a confidential or personal nature in any unauthorized manner or to achieve personal gain
  11. Never misrepresent or withhold information that is germane to a problem or situation of public concern nor will I allow any such known information to remain unchallenged
  12. Not take advantage of the lack of knowledge or inexperience on the part of others
  13. Not use or take credit for the work of others without specific acknowledgement and authorization
  14. Not misuse authority entrusted to me
  15. Protect the privacy and confidentiality of all information entrusted to me