Corporate Maturity

  • Corporate Maturity Development

    Corporate maturity development programs aim to set the platform for management systems which are strategy-focused, systematic, and agile. Change Zone’s initiatives empower the continuous improvement of management systems to improve organizational performance, holistically, and sustainable.


    • 1. Strategic Management Processes

      1. Identify and consolidate the strategic positioning of the corporate
      2. Design and implement strategic planning processes
      3. Design and implement strategy execution processes
      4. Balanced scorecard to integrate the strategic effort
      5. Managing strategic change
      6. Leveraging organizational learning
      7. Establish the strategic management office (SMO)
    • 2. Human Resources Management Processes

      1. Corporate structure, job designs, and role clarification
      2. Performance management processes
      3. Align objective setting, appraisal and feedback with strategy
      4. Reward management processes
      5. Human resources development processes
      6. Recruitment and selection processes
      7. Employees retention strategies
      8. HR scorecard to measure the ROI from HR activities
    • 3. Business Process Management

      1. Develop the organizational process map
      2. Identify process management initiatives that are aligned to strategy. Value-adding processes are those processes directly linked to the mission and strategic objectives
      3. Systematic process modeling, execution, controlling and optimization
      4. Create means (systems) of maintaining consistency and predictability of process execution
      5. Empower process-oriented thinking among organizational stakeholders
    • 4. Corporate Therapy and Culture Change

      1. Corporate Therapy is an evolving discipline that combines management and psychology to change people’s attitude at the workplace.
      2. Therapy focuses in the critical diagnosis of problematic situations, and then setting a treatment plan that aims to influences people beliefs, emotions and behavior in the workplace.
      3. The change management process aims to shape sustainable improvements of certain aspects of corporate culture.
    • 5. Emotional Intelligence & Positive Psychology At Work

      Emotional intelligence is a predictable indicator of people’s performance at work which is directly linked to organizational results. Key indicators that higher EQ impact includes, but not limited to: employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, productivity, and accuracy.