Sales & Service Management


“In a psychological sense, each interaction with the company, defines the company in the customer’s mind. This definition determines the customer’s future business with the company …Loyalty is lost or strengthened in every interaction between a company and its customers “…

The objectives of sales and service projects are to:

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    Improve sales figures

    by working on the following:

    • Increase customer acquisition rate – the closing rates of sales leads
    • Increase customer retention rate – maintain existing customers active
    • Increase cross-selling to other product family mix
    • Improve customer satisfaction of after-sales-service, and after-closure-response time
  • Sales & Service Management-03

    Improve the professional selling and service skills

    to reflect the premium of corporate brand

    • Conduct selling and service activities through distinctive approach
    • Understands the expectations of market segments and improve sales and service procedures accordingly
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    Improve the HR processes

    • that reinforce the behaviors to professional selling and service, and which, directs the team efforts to Tahboub marketing, sales and service strategy
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  • The scope of work includes, but not limited to:

    • Improve sales management processes
    • Improve personal selling methods, techniques and standards
    • Improve customer service standards and procedures
    • Conduct focus groups to understand segments needs and expectations
    • Establish sales and service strategic and operational dashboards