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Human Resources Management In Practice

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    The project aims to apply the program’s criteria on realistic cases, by which you will be able to use in the future as a template to improve results and acquire your main business goals.

    To ensure the benefits you seek when attending our unique program, we provide private one-on-one guidance in your project based on international standards to guarantee the achievement of the program’s aims.


We provide you with one-on-one coaching, to complete your real-world project

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  • You choose the field and idea of your project. Project can be a new idea, or development of an existing institution.

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  • You attend workshops to learn the theoretical principles and practical examples from a variety of cases.

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  • You start working on your project over the whole period of the program, to insure applying provided knowledge practically.

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  • Expert coaches supervise your project over the whole period of the program, you will have one on one meetings to provide practical guidance, and promote the concepts.

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  • Participants (optional) present their successful projects to other participants to improve and share knowledge.

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  • Change Zone will follow up with participants after the program ends to see the impact and feedback in six month to one year.

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Some of our students projects

  • Zina Nafe

    —HR and Business Trainer
    • ABC Training Center

    Project summary:

    ABC is a  training center that provides clients with the greatest chance of taking a fully prepared beneficial training, where they can improve their skills, knowledge and performance in the elected filed. We make a difference by focusing on the business issues clients need to address in order for their employees and organization to achieve outstanding levels of performance and success.

  • Mr. Ahmad Abu Al-Ruz

    —HR Officer at  ACES
    • Sustainable Development Profesional

    Project summary:

    Sustainable Development Professional SDP is a group of internationals experts in sustainable development through management consultancy, training, human development products, and Human Resources out source consultations.

    We give YOU tools to invest yourself and your human capital to maximize your profits and market share, and join us in the journey of success.

  • Mr. Abdallah Alrahahleh

    —HR Analyst at King Hussien Cancer Center
    • : Online healthy food Ordering System

    Project summary:

    Matbakhna is an institution that aims to enhance the healthy food industry by providing high quality healthy meals to its customers in good prices.

  • Dr. Khalid Bani Hamdan

    — Instructor at ASU ( PHD )
        • HRM System for Students Ad Balcony
        • Organizing ads between stakeholders and students

    Project summary:

    Our mission: to provide interactive service  and mutually benefits to stakeholders, providing an open link between customers and advertisers from one side and students from the other side, providing an attractive combination for customers, seeking to coordinate with our customers to help them complete their transactions.

  • Dima Ayesh

    — Strategic planner
        • HRM System for CAD & CAM Design and Training Center
        • Training and Design

    Project summary:

    A pioneer CAD, CAM Center in Jordan and in the Middle East. the mission is to help experienced technicians and engineers produce products with less cost and effort and best effectively. It will provide customized training in request for Industrial plants and design new products for plants by CAD, CAM tools.

  • Bilal Al Masri

    — Advanced Technologies
        • Advanced Technologies – HRM System
        • Computers and networking

    Project summary:

    Advanced Technologies is a computer network enterprise focusing on network solutions and network consultant. It  proved to be a world-class leading computer networking enterprise. Being distinguished with its rapid and non-stop changing, full of new technologies, and difficulties revealing through time.

  • Waleed Ismael

    — Teller
        • HRM System for Al-Ahli Bank
        • process, products and new branch

    Project summary:

    Jordan Ahli Bank’s strategic goals are derived from its unwavering commitment to adhere to banking excellence through employing the best globally recognized banking standards and in achieving development throughout the following three phases. Current and saving accounts … etc

  • Shaker Ibraheem

    — Corporate local purchaser supervisur
        • Business plan for National Paints Factories Co.
        • Paints and Decorating

    Project summary:

    Excellence production of paints and powder paints with high standards and quality by using a specific technology that provides customers with the exact sizes and measurements. Selling and distribution outlets will scattered in various parts of the region to cover a wild range.

  • Mutaz Shinaneh

    — CEO of Styleinn men’s wear
        • Style Inn Online Shopping Store – Business Plan
        • Clothing and Discounts

    Project summary:

    The per capita wealth is quite high here in Jordan , and the people are very sophisticated in terms of their fashion and their luxury brands .They are fanatics about their brands, so we are giving them the opportunity and the convenience to shop from their home and we are giving them more brands and more variety.

  • Course Starts in: 04 June 2014

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