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    Applied Psychology in Sale & Services in Practice

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  • The project aims to apply the program’s topics on a real project; either an existing project or a new idea, which will help you later to deal with other cases. To guarantee you the maximum benefit of this experience, we help you step by step to complete your project in a perfect way.

Some of our students projects

  • Rawan Abu Nab

    — Sales – TDA Jordan
    • Selling Process
    • Electronic Shelf Labels

    Project summary:

    Electronic Shelf Label, also known by the acronym ESL, is a system used by retailers for displaying product pricing on shelves. Typically, electronic display modules are attached to the front edge of retail shelving. These modules use Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) or similar technology to show the current product price to the customer.

  • Hanan Ahyad

    — Market & Tenders Engineer
    • Selling Process
    • Procurement Selling Criteria & Customer Service

    Project summary:

    The world today is based on technology at all aspects, and technology is rapidly changing, so the students need to be up to date. Because of the surrounding circumstances in the neighboring countries, many Jordanian students who were studying outside and many foreign students came to Jordan to continue their degree.

  • Muna Haddad

    — Sales Account Manager
    • Selling Process
    • Selling Backup Solution

    Project summary:

    By searching the internet, asking small hotels about their needs we concluded what customer important buying needs which turned to be that they have huge data of recording cameras plus critical data belongs to accounting department. People who were importatnt the decision; Financial Manager, IT Manager, and CEO.