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  • The project aims to apply the program’s topics on a real project; either an existing project or a new idea, which will help you later to deal with other cases. To guarantee you the maximum benefit of this experience, we help you step by step to complete your project in a perfect way.

Some of our students projects

  • Mr. Adel Shukri Mannoun

    —Bio medical Engineer-First National Medical
    • First National Medical Sevices

    Project summary:

    FNMS is a company that provides medical imaging equipments and all the services related to the supplied equipments to Hospitals, clinics and radiography centers. Being Siemens Healthcare advanced partner for more than 14 years we provide top of the line Siemens manufactured equipments.

  • Mr. Adel Shawqi Al-Hattab

    —Mechanical Engineer-Al-Razzaz Group
    • Tawjihi Care Center

    Project summary:

    Tawjihi Care is a comfortable and  a quiet environment for Tawjihi students to study and prosper, it provides professional academic and psychological counseling for students.

  • Mr. Shakeeb Saleh

    —General Manager at Al-Ghattas Drug Store
    • Business Plan for Al-Ghattas Drug Store

    Project summary:

    Al-Ghattass Drug Store is a medical store that responsible of marketing sales and distribution of Piave Company products as an exclusive agent.

  • Rima Moqattash

    — Lecturer – Zaytuna University
    • Business plan for Jordan’s Comparative Studies and Productions Cultural Center
    • Original and Translated Printed, Audio, and Audio-Visual Studies

    Project summary:

    The concept of Jordan’s Comparative Studies and Productions Cultural Centre depends on culture as a basic constituent in our lives. Its essential purpose is to produce studies, books, DVDs, and CDs in Arabic and English (original and translated).

  • Eman Al-Awamleh

    — Founder & Partner – Carnaval
    • Business plan for Carnaval for kids’ activities
    • Activities for school children

    Project summary:

    Carnaval is a kid’s edutainment establishment that aims to deliver fun workshops and educational activities through play and imagine. We are looking forward to start a strong marketing campaign through participating  in kids Exhibition in spring, increase facebook fans.

  • Lana Sajdi

    — Managing Director
    • Fruit Snacks – Business Plan
    • Your Alternative Healthy Snack

    Project summary:

    A sole proprietorship wholesale company that distributes pre packed dried fruits from the local market of Jordan.  Our product is packed in one serving size with nutritional label and shown next to the CHIPS stands; high traffic, handy, healthy alternative to chips & at a competitive price.

  • Mohammad Abu Enien

    — IT Section Manager
    • Business plan for Alshahd Co. for Food Industries
    • Beverages and Soft Drinks

    Project summary:

    ALSHAHD COMPANY FOR FOOD INDUSTRIES, own the latest brewing equipment and facilities and through our close alliance with multi-national companies in the beverage field we will strive to produce high quality products to be effectively marketed throughout our strategic distribution alliances.

  • Shaker Ibraheem

    — Corporate local purchaser supervisur
    • Business plan for National Paints Factories Co.
    • Paints and Decorating

    Project summary:

    Excellence production of paints and powder paints with high standards and quality by using a specific technology that provides customers with the exact sizes and measurements. Selling and distribution outlets will scattered in various parts of the region to cover a wild range.

  • Mutaz Shinaneh

    — CEO of Styleinn men’s wear
    • Style Inn Online Shopping Store – Business Plan
    • Clothing and Discounts

    Project summary:

    The per capita wealth is quite high here in Jordan , and the people are very sophisticated in terms of their fashion and their luxury brands .They are fanatics about their brands, so we are giving them the opportunity and the convenience to shop from their home and we are giving them more brands and more variety.