Project Management In Practice ®

Covers PMP ®



The PMP training course covers PMBOK ®, supports you to implement a real-world project from your field with the one-on-one coaching by consultants, and then prepares you to pass the exam smoothly.

Unique PMP ® Experience

Program Training Methodology

  • Interactive workshops
  • One-on-One Coaching by Expert Trainers

In Practice ® & Coaching

  • You Choose a Project From Your Field/Company, We Coach & Supervise You One-on-One, Until You Complete it Successfully

PMP ® Exam Preparation

  • PMP ® Exam Questions

MS Project & Templates

  • MS Project Training
  • Project Managers’ Templates
  • Special Tool for Small-Medium Projects

Modules & Materials

  • Detailed Study Notes covering PMBOK®
  • PMBOK ® , 6th edition
  • Advanced Topics: Soft Skills, KPIs & Strategy

 Modules & Syllabus

Training material is provided in English ,workshop discussion &demonstration are provided in Arabic

  •  Covering PMP ® Body of Knowledge 6th Edition

    • Project Life Cycle
    • Organizational Influences and Project Feasibility Study (Business Case & Project Charter)
    • Project Stakeholders Management
    • Project Communication Management
    • Project Scope Management
    • Project Schedule Management
    • Project Resources Management
    • Project Cost Management
    • Project Procurement Management
    • Project Risk Management
    • Project Quality Management
    • Project Integration Management
  •  Advanced Modules

    • Business Process Management
    • PMP ® Exam Preparation

      MS Project

    • Developing Schedule & Calendar
    • Identify Sequences, Lead & Lag
    • Task Completion Percentage
    • Setting & Assigning Resources
    • Assigning Costs
    • Saving Baselines
    • Reports & Dashboard

Learning Outcomes

  • Project lifecycle
    • to define what is a project
    • to recognize project lifecycle types
    • to identify the processes groups of project management


  • Organizational Influences and Project Feasibility Study (Business Case & Project Charter)
    • Develop a business case
    • Develop project charter


  • Project Stakeholders Management
    • to identify stakeholders
    • to design the process of stakeholder management
    • to analysis the stakeholders
    • to identify stakeholder register


  • Project Communication Management
    • to identify the project communication
    • to recognize the importance of project communication plan
    • design the project communication management processes
    • develop communication plan which includes: communication matrix , meetings , and reports plan
    • compare the distribution of information to the communication plan , and take the required corrective actions
    • develop a performance report
    • to recognize the steps of conducting a successful meeting


  • Project Scope Management
    • identify scope and scope management
    • design the scope management process
    • develop Scope statement
    • design WBS
    • assess the deliverables
    • create change request


  • Project Schedule Management
    • Identify Schedule Management Plan
    • Recognize Schedule Management Processes
    • Define the inputs, tools and techniques and outputs for each phase of schedule management
    • List project activities as work packages
    • Define tasks relations, leads and lags to project activities
    • Use different techniques to calculate task duration as described in PMBOK
    • Design a schedule model with planned dates for completing project activities
    • Define and calculate critical path
    • Differentiate Resources Optimization tools
    • Defining the current status of the project schedule and identify schedule variances


  • Project Resources Management
    • to identify, acquire, and manage the resources needed for the project
    • design the resources management processes
    • develop Resources management plan which includes: WBS, RAM ,OBS
    • to recognize the processes of recruitment and selection
    • to recognize the processes of RM development
    • manage issue log and to recognize the six general technics to resolve conflict
    • compare the actual utilization of resources  to the plan, and take the required corrective actions
    • Project Cost Management


  • Project Procurement Management
    • identify procurement
    • recognize the relationship between seller and buyer
    • design the project procurement management processes
    • identify contract types
    • recognize the content of procurement documents
    • compare and evaluate suppliers bids using weighting system
    • recognize the process of closing procurement


  • Project Risk Management
    • Identify risk management
    • Describe the categorization of projects risks
    • Recognize risks management process
    • Design risk analysis matrix and risk register



  • Project Quality Management
    • Define quality
    • Recognize the impact of quality management on projects
    • Recognize the process of project quality planning
    • Recognize QC concepts and tools
    • Recognize the process of quality assurance
    • Value the cost of quality


  • Project Integration Management



  • Business process management
    • Explain the term of a business process
    • Differentiate Functions from Processes
    • Appraise function-oriented culture and process-oriented culture
    • Select the critical process based on corporate objectives
    • Draw process models
    • Analyze Process
    • Modify the targeted process
    • Recognize the stage of executing the improved process and measure impact



  • Exam Preparation
    • To recognize the registration process for PMP exam
    • To practice on some previous questions

Program Details

 Your PMP ® Exam Preparation Kit

Change Zone, PMP

This kit helps you prepare for the PMP ® certification exam, and to pass smoothly.100% of our graduates passed the exam from the first time.

  • PMP ® Body of Knowledge, sixth edition
  • Exam Questions
  • How to submit the application

 International Accreditation & Certification Hours

Change Zone Accreditation, IACET and PMP

  • You will be granted Approved Training Hours by PMI ®to sit for the PMP ® exam
  • Change Zone is an Authorized Provider (Mockup) by the International Association of Continuous Education and Training (IACET Mockup) . You will be granted Continuous Education Units (CEUs) upon submitting Project Work and Passing Change Zone’s Assessment in Change Zone
  • Change Zone’s CEUs are considered by PMI ® as PDUs (Professional Development Units)

More About IACET

 Your In Practice ® Project

You Choose a Project From Your Field/Company, We Coach & Supervise You One-on-One, Until You Complete it Successfully

Change Zone , Our mini MBA , PMP , HRM , CEO , Leadership one on one coaching , اشراف و توجيه عملي واحد لواحد و ادارة الاعمال المصغرة و ادارة المشاريع و ادارة الموارد البشرية و الذكاء العاطفي و

  • About In Practice ® Approach

    1. Choose the field and idea of your project
    2. Attend workshops
    3. Work on your project through the period of the program
    4. Expert coaches supervise your work and provide one-on-one coaching
    5. Complete your project and present it

  • View graduates' Projects

    Mr.Amer Hijazi

    Mr.Alaa Mahameed

    More About graduates’ projects

  • Your Project Deliverables
    • Business Case & Charter
    • Complete Project Plan
      • Stakeholders Management Plan
      • Scope Management Plan
      • Scope Statement & WBS
      • Schedule Plan (Gant Chart)
      • HR Plan, Histogram, RACI, Structure
      • Communication Plan
      • Cost and Cash Flow Plan
      • Risk Plan & Risk Register
    • MS Project Plan (Tasks, Cost, Resources, Critical Path)
  • About One-on-One Coaching


    Through Change Zone’s one-on-one systematic coaching process, an expert coach will guide you through customizing the process, methods and content to your specific needs.

  • Professional Template Package

    • You will receive a rich package of professional templates and tools, which you can use to work on your project with Change Zone. You can use those tools in your professional work as a project manager.

More About In Practice ®

Consultants’ Profiles

Decades of Practical Experience

  • Hani Al-Abdallat , PMP (Read more...)

    • PMP Certificate
    • MBA in practice Certificate: 80 Hours training course to learn advanced concepts related to business management by practicing a real project.
    • GECC: General Exam in Construction Capability, that hold by the Jordan Contractors Association and supervised by Ministry of Public Works and Housing.
    • BA in Mechanical Engineering

  • Amin Al-Tal , MBA , Project Management Consultant (Read more...)

    • Master of Business Administration (MBA)- Hull University, UK.
    • Recognized Coach by the Association of Coaching, UK.
    • Team Leading Award – Institute of Leadership and Management ( ILM), Hull – UK
    • Certificate in Communication and Assertiveness Skills, Hull University, UK
    • Certified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor.
    • Certified Innovation Manager – German University.
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy and play and Psychodrama therapy – Bana for psychological training and consulting, Amman.
    • BA in Computer Science, from PSUT – Jordan

  • Ruba Jabri , Project Management Consultant , Msc (Read more...)

    • Master of Management, Hasselt University, Belgium
    • Recognized Coach by the Association of Coaching, UK.
    • Certified Lead Auditor for ISO OHSAS 18001.
    • Certified Lead Auditor ISO 9001.
    • Certified Innovation Management Consultant.
    • Study skills, assertiveness for women, and communication skills – Hull University
    • BA in Computer Science, from PSUT – Jordan.

Graduates Success Stories

Since 2005 Change Zone helps tremendous number of professionals to start businesses, improve companies’ results, or achieve career shifts.

More Success Stories

  • Course Time and Duration

      • Start Date: 14th of July 2021
      • Duration:
        • 14 Weeks, Wednesdays 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    • Total 54 hours:
      • Training Workshops
      • Project One-on-One Coaching
      • Final Project Submission & Assessment
  • Convenient Payment for You

    • Program Dsicounted Fees: 300 JD
    • Original Program Fees: 450 JD
    • Can be paid over 4 monthly installments ,Installments start after 2 months of program’s start date 
    • Monthly Installment is 75 JD

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Telephone: (00962) 6 5666 848

Mobile: (00962) 79 666 5 144

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