Terms & Conditions Policy

Registration Policy

  • Phone interview is made to understand your training needs.
  • Filling personal and professional information in the registration form.
  • Registration information are secured and aren’t shared with any third party.

Attendance Policy

  • Punctual attendance is an essential responsibility of each program participant.
  • Participants attendance is recorded every training workshop.
  • Delivery of project deliverables is essential.
  • CEUs are calculated at the end of each program according to the participants attendance, coaching and assessment hours.
  • Mutual respect between participants is essential during training workshops.
  • Any advertisement during workshops or on program groups isn’t permitted.
  • Participants aren’t permitted to record session using any means of recording.

Projects Policy

  • Working on a project will be through teamwork, which will be chosen by the participants themselves, it also can be done individually.
  • The working team chooses the project’s subject, and Change Zone team approves it or gives amendments to the idea.
  • A weekly report should be delivered by the working team showing the project’s status and the
  • finished parts.
  • Change zone’s team is committed to guidance and support needed to the working teams according to the guidance’s time table.
  • The group/participant should submit the project within 3 weeks after the last session of the program.

Technological Requirements

  • Each learner needs to bring a laptop in coaching sessions. The following software shall be installed on the laptop: MS project, BiZAGI, and MS word & Excel.

Awarding Certificate Policy

  • Attending hours shouldn’t be less than 90% of the program total hours.
  • Handing project after finishing the program and no later than the specified deadline at the beginning of the program. Kindly refer to Projects Policy and Program Plan. 
  •  Passing the evaluation at the end of the program. The Evaluation will be on: 
    •  Participant’ssubmitted project
    •  Acquired knowledge participant gained from attending the program and working on the project

Accepted Payment Methods